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nedjelja, 4. rujna 2011.

Elvis Maković( Deejay lemonshark)He was born in Rijeka 19.10.1988 He was very young when he showed his first interest in music, more precise, when he had his first contact with producing. Not so long after that, he bought his first equipment for proffessional mixes and started dj–ing.He begins his profesional dj career 2008 in a small club's and soon he played in more popular clubs.He begins with dj-ing with 17.years old. During his carrer, he dabbled in all genres of electronic music, but in the end, he has found his true love intech house music. He was really fascinated with those finetech house rhythms, in which reflected his unrepeatable sense of music.

Records: 2rb Records Spain ( Madrid ) Lad-Rec ( Portugal ) Starr Stuff Records ( Bulgaria ) 
                For House Digital ( Australia ) 

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